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NYC School Library System Homepage: Are You New to the School Librarian Profession?

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What must you do now?

  1. Join NYCSLIST Listserv. 

  2. Join the TEAMS Group for NYCSLIST. Code: fkqvwz8

  3. Are you on a secondary campus serving more than one high school? Join the Campus Librarian Network. 

  4. Submit your information in the Librarian Directory.

  5. Is your library automated with Destiny? (contact Leanne Ellis, Library Automation Administrator for more information). 

  6. If you are on Destiny, fill out the Destiny Administrator Data Security Agreement.

  7. Review the NYC Public Schools Collection Development Policy for Classroom Collections and School Libraries.

  8. Review your school library's cataloging specifications with each library jobber. It is important to note, there is more than one fish in the sea. Just because your school ordered from one company doesn't mean you need to stay with that company. Know your Library Vendor options and contact each company for information. 

  9. Join MyLibraryNYC.

  10. Learn about the Citywide Digital Library through Sora and sign your school up for a Sora Advantage account. 

  11. School librarians use the Empire State Information Fluency Continuum (ESIFC) to guide instruction. Review it today! 

  12. Learn which NOVELny Databases are available. All teachers and students have free access!

  13. Connect with your NYC Public Schools Library Services Coordinator.

  14. Review the NYC School Librarian Guidebook and visit the Professional Learning Opportunities page.

  15. Did you just receive your NYSED School Librarian Certification? If so, have you submitted the change of license from another content area? 

Wisdom from the Field

"Rome wasn't built in a day, neither is a school library" 

"Teaching skills without an end product in sight is not effective"  

"People will constantly tell you how easy your job is without any real knowledge of what is involved. You can educate people but you never have to defend yourself. They could have become librarians too! Also..."No" is a full sentence." 

"All Library Coordinators and the Director in the Office of Library Services have walked in your shoes. They have all worked as school librarians in NYC. Reach out, connect, and learn from them."   

"Don't assume classroom teachers understand the role of the school librarian. Build relationships, connect with teachers, and help them see the value add of a robust school library program." 

"School libraries are more than the books on the shelves. School libraries are programs that bring inquiry to life, provide safe spaces, and offer supports and services to all students." 



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