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This site will help you with basic questions and features in Destiny.

Help Topics

How do I change my password?

Go to Circulation=>Patron Status=>Edit Patron

Look on the right-hand site of your account and type in your new password following by confirm password.  Click Save.

           I forgot my password and cannot login.  

Please email Leanne Ellis at or Mohini Sookdeo at

A student owes fines/has overdues from another school and I can't clear it.

Email Mohini Sookdeo at to clear.  Please send the students' names and OSIS (barcode) number.  Or just attach an overdue report.

A student lost his/her book and I need to change the status to lost.

Make certain you have cleared the amount the student owes by checking the book in.

Look up the student in Circulation and click on Patron Status.  Change the fine amount to zero (if not charging) or the amount the student will pay under Edit Fines.

Now, go to Copy Status.  Copy and paste or type in the book's barcode number.  Click Mark Lost.

Use the following format: (Your four-digit site number.  Hover your mouse over your school on the District page and look for the address at the bottom of the page or right-click to bookmark your page; it is also the last four digits of the Admin login.)  

Note: The above web address changes when you go to your site, but DO NOT use the link that appears in the address bar because it is not permanent.  Always use the format above when sharing the link with others and inserting it in the browser Internet Options/Tools to make it your default homepage.



The School Calendar is set at the district level but there may be additional dates you want to add when the library is closed to extend loan periods (testing, parent conferences, etc.).

Simply open to Calendar (under Back Office) and click a date to close, click again to open.