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NYC School Library System Homepage: 21K540

21K540 John Dewey High School

John Dewey High SchoolHeather Adelle is the principal of John Dewey High School. John Dewey High School is located in the Gravesend section of Brooklyn in District 21. Antoinette Mathis and Stephanie Rosalia are the two librarians at the school.

John Dewey High School was founded on the educational principles of John Dewey and the librarians want to develop a vision for the library that is founded on John Dewey's beliefs that experiential learning is the best kind of learning: project-based and hands-on. To that end, they want to inspire curiosity, innovation, and exploration by developing a makerspace and a podcast studio.





There is now a 3D printer in the makerspace.

A group of students using the makerspace.

Wide-angle view of the completely transformed library makerspace, formally the non-fiction room of the library.

Original posters created by Stephanie Rosalia, John Dewey High School librarian.

The entrance to the new makerspace.

Wide-angle view of the new makerspace room.

The new desk in the makerspace, occupied and shared by the Coordinator of Student Activities, Robert Butler.

The new audio lab has replaced the old reference room.

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