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NYC School Library System Homepage: 75M079

75M079 The Horan School

The Horan SchoolDr. Greer Phillips is the principal of The Horan School. The Horan School is a District 75 school located in East Harlem in Manhattan. District 75 schools serve students with moderate-to-severe physical and intellectual disabilities. Joel Ochoa, the school's librarian, wrote the VITAL Libraries grant so that he could upgrade his library. Under Joel's leadership, the library has gone from being a storage room to a welcoming space for his students. He would now like to take it to the next level, creating learning stations for his students as well as reading corners with diverse, updated, culturally responsive, and inclusive literature. 

Joel would also like to turn the library into a worksite for his students where they can develop skills conducive to the working environment such as communication skills, collaboration skills, informed decision-making, and problem-solving skills. 


The library was used as a storage space.

More storage.

The library was a dysfunctional space.

The library was a dysfunctional space.

The library was dysfunctional.

The library under Joel's leadership.

The library under Joel's leadership has turned into a functional, accessible learning environment.


P79 new rug
P79 flower chairs
P79 new view of the library
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