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NYC School Librarian Guidebook: Budget and Purchasing

Resources to examine our inherent bias, promote personal awareness, and help us build collections for our students that reflect themselves and the world around them.


How do I locate a school's library budget? 

1. Visit, click "Find a school", locate the school you want the budget for from the "Find a school" search, and click on it.  

2. When you are on the school’s Welcome Page, click on Reports on the right hand side of the page

3. Scroll down and expand "Budget and Finances" 

4. Select "Budget Summary"

5. Scroll down to the final section, Section OTPS, and find the line that says: LIBRARY BOOKS.

How do I know if the library's budget is correct?

The minimum school library budget is based on the state formula of $6.25 per student recorded on your school’s register via the Basic Education Data System (BEDS form) as of October 31st of the previous academic year.  For example, if your student population is 500, your budget would be $3125.00 (500 x $6.25).

Ordering Books

All materials purchased should align with the NYCDOE Collection Development Policy for Classroom Collections and School Libraries.

Library Materials

All materials ordered for the central school library should be purchased as “shelf-ready.” Shelf-ready print materials should include mylar covers for dust jackets, spine labels, barcodes, barcode protectors, and MARC 21 records for all items in the library order.

The Funding Source, e.g., “NYSLIB,” should be marked on every library material purchased: PURCHASED WITH STATE MONEY, EDUCATION LAW 1985, SECTION 711, CHAPTER 53 

All cataloging and processing specifications for the library's collection should be on file with each individual vendor/jobber the order is being placed with.  Every jobber should receive a different range of barcode numbers and the librarian should maintain records of the barcode ranges allocated for each vendor.  

Please refer to the Automation page for guidance on barcodes, call numbers, and setting up cataloging and processing specifications with jobbers. 


Purchasing Library and Reference Materials (Object Code 338)


A robust collection of magazines is available in the Citywide Digital Library on Sora for all students and staff for FREE, compliments of the NYCDOE Office of Library Services. 

Print magazine subscriptions do not have an active contract with NYC. OLS is currently working with Division of Contracts and Purchasing to obtain a magazine contract. In the meantime, you can purchase using three-bids or one non-contracted vendor for a maximum of $250. 

Shopping with ShopDOE

Library Supplies and Furniture

Library Furniture Contracts - there are no library furniture contacts in place for FY 23

Library non-specific office furniture is available in the FAMIS E-Catalog.

Most vendors will come out and measure, design and install but there may be additional fees so be sure to ask.

Below are some possible vendors:

Vendor Name


DOE Vendor #

Contract #




No Contract

Need 3 Bids - May not exceed $25,000



No Contract

Need 3 Bids - May not exceed $25,000



No Contract

Need 3 Bids - May not exceed $25,000

Smith Systems


No Contract

Need 3 Bids - May not exceed $25,000

Library Supplies

Library non-specific office supplies (e.g., staplers, pens, pencils) are available in the FAMIS E-Catalog.






Gaylord Brothers, I.    


Demco  DEM001000  


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Melissa Jacobs at or Finance Service Center at (718) 935-4444.

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