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NYC School Librarian Guidebook: Vision, Mission, Goals, and Expectations

Resources to examine our inherent bias, promote personal awareness, and help us build collections for our students that reflect themselves and the world around them.

Introduction: Vision, Mission, Goals, Expectiations

Vision – A library’s vision defines the ideal desired future state of what it wants to achieve over time and provides guidance and inspiration for what the library program aims to accomplish in five or more years. Topics in this section include a process for building a vision, mission statements, resources for vision building and stakeholder responsibilities.

NYS Mandate for School Libraries

New York State Education Regulations mandate that every school will have a school library.  
Pursuant to Section 207 of the Education Law 
Sections 91.1 and 91.2 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education are repealed and new Sections 91.1 and 91.2 are added, effective February 18, 1974, to read as follows: 
Section 91.1 School Libraries. A school library shall be established and maintained in each school. The library in each elementary and secondary school shall meet the needs of the pupils, and shall provide an adequate complement to the instructional program in the various areas of the curriculum. 

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Vision, Mission, Goals of New York City School Libraries

VISION, MISSION, AND GOALS of New York City School Libraries


The library fosters a community of learning and literacy that leads to high academic achievement, independent reading and learning, and collaboration throughout the school.


The mission of the library program is to support and provoke the intellectual, social, and personal development of all students by:

  • Providing physical and intellectual access to information in a warm, stimulating, and safe environment.

  • Providing instruction, learning strategies, and practice in using ideas and information for effective learning.

  • Integrating the library program throughout every student’s education through collaboration and advocacy.


Students are motivated and independent learners.

  • Students successfully employ information literacy, technology, and critical thinking skills in subject-area learning experiences.
  • Students are engaged in independent reading and inquiry-based learning.

The library is a powerful intellectual and social space where students and teachers gather ideas, exchange points of view, and learn together.

  • Students and teachers have access to certified school library media specialists.

  • Students have equitable access to the library and its resources.

  • The library provides access to high-quality resources in a variety of formats that support curricular and instructional goals and respond to diverse student needs and interests.

  • The library facility is welcoming, with a climate conducive to individual and shared learning.

  • Current technology is available and operable to support multiple learning experiences in the library and remote access to library resources.

The library program supports a culture of literacy throughout the school.

  • Teachers integrate resources and information-literacy skills into every classroom.
  • Teachers collaborate with the librarian and other teachers to optimize instruction and curriculum design.

The library fosters a professional learning community.

  •  Teachers, principals, and librarians engage in ongoing professional development.

  •  Librarians facilitate professional dialog and networking among teachers, principals, and other librarians to support continuous improvement of practice. 

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