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NYC School Library System Homepage: 17K537

17K537 Erasmus Campus Library

Erasmus Hall High SchoolErasmus Hall High School, located in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, was founded in 1786 and is now a campus school building operated by five principals. The librarian, Debbie Rothfeld, describes the library space as the grandest in the building, with soaring ceilings and chandeliers in the main room, and cozy nooks in other parts of the library. The space is inspiring and was modeled after the Cambridge University library in England.

Debbie wants to create a makerspace to inspire students to work independently with access to a range of technology. She wants to invite the new into the old, transforming the library into a dynamic and thriving learning space.



New tables in the middle school nave of the Erasmus library.

The new makerspace tables with the Keva planks on top.

The new modular furniture.

New comfy chairs with arms for laptop use.

Some games the students play.

The new tables in the non-fiction nave of the library.

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