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NYCDOE Office of Library Services: Home

Effective library programs provide inviting spaces, up-to-date resources, and opportunities for powerful learning experiences so that students and teachers can gather ideas, exchange points of view, and learn together.

NYC Office of Library Services

The Office of Library Services is a New York City Department of Education program office that is a state-funded network of 42 New York State school library systems. The Office of Library Services offers an array of documents, services and professional development opportunities designed to support librarians and library programs in the very important work they do -- enabling our students to become independent learners.  


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Contact Information

333 Seventh Avenue, Room 801

New York, NY 10001


Directory of Member Schools

Below is a listing of school library staffing City-Wide.  Data was collected by contacting library workers to complete a directory survey.  These directories should not be considered a complete or "official" list of all professionals working in school libraries in New York City. 

If the information for your school is incorrect, please contact Barbara Jackson at

These directories are current as of April 13, 2015.

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Office of Library Services Contacts

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