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Cooperative Collection Development -- CCD: Social Change

• The School Library System (SLS) Cooperative Collection Development Plan is developed as part of the resource sharing component of the plan of service.

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This collection . . .

The materials in this collection address the concept of social change. Social change, in many forms, has always been the catalyst that alters history.  Areas explored in the collection include grassroots movements, political uprisings, how social change affects society, and technology and social media’s impacts on social change. The materials in this collection, both text, and audio, are geared towards K-12 students, vary in text complexity, and address the need for culturally responsive sustaining education. 

How This Collection is Used in My School

This collection is used to support culturally responsive sustaining education, the curriculum, and to allow students to independently explore their interests and expand their knowledge base.

This collection is also used for 

  • Collection Development--use the materials to help select vetted materials on social change and activism for your own library.
  • Communicating with administration and faculty
  • Digital Resource sharing--integrate the use of the digital materials into lessons

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Culturally Responsive Teaching Resources


Teresa Tartaglione in front of a books are magic mural

Teresa Tartaglione, Librarian

Martin Luther King, Jr. Educational Campus

122 Amsterdam Ave New York, NY 10023


Twitter: @misstartaglione

Instagram: @mlk_library

If you are a librarian in a New York City school library, you may contact the curator to inquire about borrowing titles from the print collection. The digital collection is available here.

Websites of Interests








Visiting the Museum is free for

any New Yorker under 19 and

for teachers!





Follow and support the

Black Lives Matter movement.



Resistance School provides training 

to make issue-based &

electoral progressive change

An organization that


& support women

running for public




Primary Source Sets--Digital Public Library of America

Includes the Teaching Guide,

discussion questions, and a

primary source analysis guide

for using these primary

sources in the classroom.

Image result for human rights campaign

The Human Rights

Campaign is the largest

LGBT civil rights

advocacy group in The 

United States

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