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Cooperative Collection Development -- CCD: Performing Arts: Theater and Dramatic Literature

• The School Library System (SLS) Cooperative Collection Development Plan is developed as part of the resource sharing component of the plan of service.

Sora Titles

How This Collection Is Used In My School

The theatre and dramatic literature CCD provides resources for teachers and students to utilize within their classrooms and extracurricular programs. The collection focuses on resources to support utilizing current theatre and dramatic literature in the classroom. There are also resources to support creating theatre in your own school. For questions, comments, or requests, please contact the curator of this page. 


This collection is used by a variety of parties within my campus school. Teachers who teach theatre or acting, use it practically to help support their curriculum. English teachers use scripts, graphic novels, and young adult literature titles to enhance independent reading and units. Content teachers might search for a play on a particular topic.  Students who have an interest in theatre or certain shows love to browse the collection. Overall, the theatre and dramatic literature collection enhance our ability to provide access to the performing arts in all subjects! 


Librarian Information

Lisa Egan 

Humanities Campus Librarian 

351 West 18th Street 

New York, NY 10011

212-675-5350 ext 4181

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Theater and Book Connections

Great articles promoting theatre and reading on a variety of topics. These articles cover a variety of books and age ranges. While some of these books may be incorporated into the CCD, please use professional reviews to help guide your own purchasing decisions. 

Here are some online resources to support including theatre in lessons and learning.

Sora Collection: All the World's a Stage

Picture of Sora Collection


The Sora collection provides access to our special collection ebooks. It includes fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and scripts. More titles will be added soon! 

Citywide Digital Library

Click the image above to browse this CCD collection in Sora. 

How Can This Collection Be Used in Other Schools

This collection can be used in other schools in a variety of different ways. Use the OPAC's Copy Category to browse all the titles in  the Theatre CCD. In addition, you can bring a group to utilize the physical books in our collection or stop by the browse the collection personally with an appointment. If you need assistance with materials on a certain show or topic, please reach out directly to the CCD librarian, Lisa Egan, at Finally, utilize the links on this page to reach out to arts organizations around the city and country for information on programs and other activities to immerse your students in the arts! 

Links to additional information

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