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Cooperative Collection Development -- CCD: Health & Wellness

• The School Library System (SLS) Cooperative Collection Development Plan is developed as part of the resource sharing component of the plan of service.

Self-Care Titles

How This Collection Is Used in My School

This collection is used inside and outside of the classroom. In collaboration with our Health curriculum, the instructor provides this as a resource for students to use on assignments and group projects. With our ELA Silent Sustained Reading Initiative, students are able to browse this collection and read the books here for pleasure. Lastly, in collaboration with our School Culture and Climate Team, this collection is used for Social Emotional Learning skills. 

Curator info

Paige Caliguiri, Librarian

Bronx School for Law, Government & Justice

244 E. 163rd Street

Bronx, NY 10452





Titles in the Citywide Digital Library


Click the image above to browse this CCD collection in Sora. 

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