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Teacher Sets: Teacher Set Request Form

This guide is designed to give you an overview of MyLibraryNYC in terms of features, training, communication and support.

Teacher Set Request Form

To request a suggestion for a set, please contact Elisa Garcia at

How do Teacher Sets Get Created?

How are sets created?

Teacher Feedback: through outstanding hold requests, teacher feedback, and feedback from outreach librarians

Professional Expertise: new materials

Collection Development: New York State and City curriculums, Common Core, trends and requests

“I requested [title] for a teacher set, but it was never created…why?”

For a set to be created the following is needed:

  • Demonstrated interest from a critical mass of teachers and/or known professional need for the topic
  • Title must be in print with enough available copies
  • TIME – every request is received but the requests are prioritized based on need and availability of items 

“How long does it for a set to be created?”

Provided that all of the factors for set creation are present (FAQ #2) it takes 4-6 weeks (on average) for a set to be available for borrowing.

This includes:

  • ordering - materials are ordered once/month
  • catalog record creation
  • set processing  

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