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Robin Hood: Robin Hood Library Expectations

Robin Hood Library Expectations


The Robin Hood Library Initiative is a partnership between the Robin Hood Foundation and the NYC Public Schools Office of Library Services. The goal of this collaboration is to improve literacy by revitalizing school libraries. To this effect, school libraries were remodeled through the funding provided here. The libraries are also available for community use through after-school and weekend openings.

The Robin Hood allocation provides the following funding for each school:

 One library teacher position

 One paraprofessional position 

 After-school/weekend operations 

 Library books


Library Scheduling

The school library program schedule should be flexible and NOT be scheduled as a cluster position. This does not mean that the Librarian does not have scheduled classes, but the schedule has the flexibility to meet the instructional and collaborative planning needs of the Librarians and teachers in order to benefit as many students as possible.

It is expected that when a class visits the library for instruction or circulation, the classroom teacher accompanies and remains with their students. 


The professional position must be filled by a NYSED Certified School Library Media Specialist (SLMS). If the SLMS leaves for any reason, the school must hire another SLMS to fill the position. The school may not assign another teacher to these duties unless he/she has the credentials to be a SLMS. 

The paraprofessional position funded through the Robin Hood Libraries initiative is expected to serve only the school library program. They should not be pulled for other duties as their position is to serve the library program. They should be responsible to circulate books to students and staff, shelve books, complete collection inventories, assist the librarian in preparing instructional resources, assisting students in the selection of reading materials, working with small groups, etc.

The paraprofessional may not be left alone with children. Should the allocation of Robin Hood funds not be enough to cover the cost of the paraprofessional, the school may use a portion of the out-of-school operations funds to cover the remaining portions

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