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NYC Reads 365: How to Promote NYC Reads 365 to Teachers

NYC Reads 365 is a citywide reading initiative sponsored by the NYC Department of Education, recommending books hand-picked by NYC school librarians.

How to Promote NYC Reads 365 with Teachers


  1. Promote the Libguide
  2. MyLibraryNYC
  3. Professional Development
  4. Celebrations
  5. Collaborations

Promoting the Libguide

Encourage teachers to include a link to this Libguide on their class webpages and in emails to parents.


You might even challenge teachers to read all the books on their grade level reading list during the school year!

Make the Connection to MyLibraryNYC


There are many ways that MyLibraryNYC can complement the NYC Reads 365 program and enhance independent reading. Remind teachers...

  • They can use MyLibraryNYC to borrow teacher sets for their students to use
  • They can contact their MyLibraryNYC librarian and set up free in-person book talks
  • They get free delivery and pickup!

Showcase NYC Reads 365 in Professional Development


NYC Reads 365 is an excellent jumping off point for lively, engaging professional development. Here are a few ideas on different types of PD you can offer:


  • How to Start a Classroom Book Club
    Use resources listed in the Book Clubs section of the How to Promote NYC Reads with Students page.
  • How to Update Your Classroom Library Using NYC Reads 365
    • Explain how NYC Reads 365 is an efficient way to keep abreast of the best new, diverse trade books with specific appeal for NYC students. 
    • Offer fundraising tips to help teachers raise money from families and the community to refresh their classroom libraries.

Organize Celebrations Teachers will Love

Students aren't the only ones who love parties and "special" days -- teachers do, too. Here are a few ideas:

  • Offer a pizza party in the library to the class that reads the most.
  • Schedule a "Celebrate Books Day" - cancel classes, run book-specific programming, and have kids relax and read. (For inspiration, check out the Showcase Schools program - visit a school with strong literacy/independent reading programs and find out how they do it.)

Collaborate with Specific Teachers 

  • Eat lunch with your colleagues! Informal chats are the perfect time to find out more about their needs, and how you can help. Brainstorm and be proactive in offering your assistance.
  • Focus on the colleagues who are open to work with you.
  • For example, work with the art or computer teacher to create a book cover redesign or book poster design contest.

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