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NYCDOE Department of Library Services: Librarian Openings for 2021-2022

News and Notes

If you missed the first cohort of the Novice Librarian Institute, do not fret! We are in the process of organizing Cohort II. Stay tuned for dates and registration information. 

Library Services will be hosting a Newly Assigned Cohort for new school librarians entering the profession, newly hired school librarians serving in public or non-public schools, and school librarians with less than 3 years experience. Registration is available at   

Elementary Schools

 PS 192M - Jacob H. Schiff

Principal: Hilduara Abreu



K045 - PS/IS 45 Horace F. Greene

Principal: Nadine Marshall


M155 - P.S. 155 William Paca

Principal: Marcia Torres



K165 - P.S. 165 Ida Posner (K-5)

Principal: Jason Rivers


Q035 - PS 35Q Nathaniel Woodhull

Principal: Annesha Jacko


Q361 Woodside Community School (K-5)

Principal: Nayeon Hwang


Q122 - PS 122 Mamie Fox (K-8)

Principal: Anna Aprea


K106 - PS 106K Edward Everett Hale

Principal: Magaly Moncayo


M161 - P.S. 161 Pedro Albizu Campos (K-8)

Principal: Patricia Balbuena



M115 - P.S. 115 Alexander Humboldt

Principal: Boris Consuenga


X093 - P.S. 093 Albert G. Oliver

Principal: Jonathan Kaplan


K099 - P.S. 099 Isaac Asimov (K-8)

Principal: Gregory Pirraglia


The Magnet School of Science, Technology, and the Arts @ PS 140Q is looking for a Librarian that will collaborate with our school community and build wonderful reading opportunities!

We are currently hiring and reviewing applicants for the 2021-2022 school year.

We will screen all applicants and select candidates whose qualifications are closest to meeting our needs. We will carefully consider your application during the initial screening and will contact you if you are selected to continue in the recruitment process. We will begin all virtual interviews Tuesday July 14, 2021. 

Interviews will be in 30-minute times slots.  Please complete the following link to schedule an interview. 

Learn more about our Learning Community by visiting our website at

PS/MS 29X The Melrose School supporting grades 3K-8 is looking for a NYSED Certified School Librarian. The library has an automated collection on Destiny and the library serves close to 800 students. Interested candidates, please email resume and cover letter to Principal Natalie Morman at

Cypress Hills Community School, PS/IS 89, is a small 3K-8, community-based dual language school located in Brooklyn, NY.  It was founded in 1997 by parents and community members.  We are committed to teaching linguistically diverse children in both English and Spanish through child-centered methods.  We are currently seeking an energetic, bilingual (Spanish/English) librarian to support the needs of our bilingual community. Eligible candidates can send their resume and letter of interest to Irene Leon, Principal at

PS 165K in Brownsville, Brooklyn is looking for a full-time NYSED Certified School Librarian for their fully funded Robin Hood Library. The library is automated on Destiny, the program includes additional funding for collection and programming, a full-time para, and professional learning via the NYCSLS Robin Hood Cohort. Expectations of Robin Hood Libraries is available hereInterested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to Principal Jason Rivers at

P.S./I.S. 187 Hudson Cliffs School is looking for a NYSED Certified School Librarian to serve 785 plus students in a PreK-8 school. The library is well-established, automated, and integral to the school community. Interested candidates should send resumes to Principal Emel Topbas-Mejia at  

PS 217 Colonel David Marcus Schoollocated in central Brooklyn, is looking for a school librarian to serve 1,100 plus students in a PreK- 5 school. The library is well-established and automated on Destiny. The library assists in hosting cultural celebrations throughout the year and is a well-supported and integral part of the school community. Interested candidates should send resumes to Principal Robert E. Bonilla at

PS 137K is looking for a NYSED certified School Librarian. This is a centrally funded Robin Hood Library Program that includes a full-time para, as well as a plump materials budget and Professional Learning Community facilitated by Library Services. Expectations of Robin Hood Library Programs and additional information is available here. Interested candidates, please send resumes to Principal Suzette Rose-Baptiste at



Secondary Schools

Lehman Educational Campus in the Bronx is looking for a NYSED Certified School Librarian. The library is recently renovated and has a newly built, diverse collection of print and digital resources and is automated on Destiny. The new school librarian will be a part of our Campus Librarian Network (CLN) and will receive ongoing support from New Visions for Public Schools/Astor Foundation/NYC School Library System partnership. 

Interested candidates should send resumes to

High School Librarian Vacancy at Grover Cleveland High School located in Ridgewood, Queens. Interested candidates should send resumes to Principal Marc Pascente at Library collection is automated and on Destiny.


The Walton High School Campus Library serving a diverse student body in the Bronx is seeking a NYSED Certified School Librarian. The Walton Campus is home to five schools with grades 9-12. This is a unique opportunity to build up a program in a newly renovated facility. Please send resumes to Dom Rasetina, Walton Campus Manager at


Science Skills Center High School for Science, Technology and the Creative Arts (K419) - Diverse urban high school in Brooklyn with a concentration on STEM and creative arts seeking a NYSED Certified School Library. Interested candidates, please send resumes to Dahlia Mcgregor, Principal. 


F-status School Librarian Vacancy at Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School of the Arts/13K265. Small secondary school in Brooklyn with a large performing arts program serving grades 6-12 looking to develop a strong school library program. Interested candidates, please send your resume and cover letter to Principal Edgar Lin at is a great opportunity for an aspiring school librarian with an internship certification not ready to work full-time. Possibility for the position becoming full-time in the future exists. 

IS 254X is looking for a NYSED Certified School Librarian. IS 254 serves over 470 students in the Bronx. The library is automated on Destiny. Interested candidates please send resumes and cover letters to Principal Javier Ocampo at   

Creston Campus, a shared campus in the Bronx with two elementary schools and one middle school seeks a NYSED Certified School Librarian. There is a shared catalog for the library on Destiny. Interested candidates can send resumes to Principal Mellisa Miller at

A shared campus library serving two middle schools in Bushwick, Brooklyn (IS 347/IS 349) is seeking a NYSED Certified School Librarian The library has an instance of Destiny, but the catalog will need to be updated, collection weeded, and an inventory completed. The schools have not had a program for quite a while, so this is an opportunity to build something up and make it a sustainable part of the school community. Interested candidates should send resumes to Principal Roxana Toro at

K014 - J.H.S. 014 Shell Bank

Principal: Teri Ahearn


R600 - Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical Education High

Principal: Gregory Bowen


M260 - The Clinton School

Principal: Jonathan Levin


X219 - I.S. 219 New Venture School

Principal: Kizhaya Roberts 


Q227 - I.S. 227 Louis Armstrong

Principal: Helen Ponilla


K002 - Parkside Preparatory Academy

Principal: Arlene Burnett


Q226 JHS 226Q Virgil L. Grissom

Contact: Michael Potwardski


R061 IS 61R William A. Morris

Contact: Susan Tronolone


Q415 Benjamin N. Cardozo HS

Contact: Meagan Colby





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