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Get Certified!: Certification Programs

Long Island University

Program Description from the University: The Palmer School of Library and Information Science is one of the most distinguished schools of library and information science in the country. With three program locations throughout the New York metropolitan area as well as online and blended courses, the Palmer School offers a broad portfolio of degree and advanced certificate programs taught by a faculty of distinguished scholars, researchers and hands-on practitioners. We prepare you for careers for a digital world and help you skillfully harness the way information is preserved, valued and delivered to every facet of society.

Type of Program: Face-to-Face, Online, and Blended

Face to Face Location: CW Post Campus - Brookville, NY or Manhattan

Contact: Dr. Bea Baaden, Director, School Library Media Program or Amy Ingrilli, Enrollment Services Counselor

St. John Fisher College

Program Description from the University: The online Master of Science in Library Media (Teacher Librarian) program at St. John Fisher College leads to initial certification as a library media specialist, as well as professional certification in your original teaching certificate area.

The program effectively prepares you to undertake the productive, critical, and efficient use of libraries, media, and information technology. You also will learn many ways to contribute, in a collaborative manner, to student literacy and inquiry skills.  The program is designed for those who hold initial teacher certification and wish to specialize in library media. As a library media graduate, you may also apply for your certificate as a public librarian.

Type of Program: Online

Contact: Maria Muhlbauer, Program Director

University at Albany

Program Description from the UniversityThe University at Albany’s Department of Information Studies Master’s in Information Science program is accredited by the American Library Association. In every area of study students are instructed by faculty who are world-class scholars and teachers - many are actively engaged in research and scholarship that contributes profoundly to the public good. School Library Media graduates are recognized as information professionals, change agents, and leaders in information literacy, educational assessment and evaluation, and information technology. Graduates provide leadership and expertise needed to create school library programs that align to the mission, goals and objectives of the K-12 at the building and district level, and are integral components of learning and instructional programs.

Type of program: Face-to-face, online and blended

Face to Face Location: Albany, NY

Contact: Erica Shudt, Director of Information Science School Library

Queens College

Program Description from the University: The Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Studies is fully accredited by the American Library Association. Our LMS programs prepare students for NYS teacher certification in the area of Library Media Specialist at affordable tuition rates under the guidance of nationally known faculty and practitioners. The Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Studies has three LMS programs designed to suit the needs of students with a variety of backgrounds including students who are already certified teachers who wish to become LMS, students who are not yet certified teachers who wish to become LMS, and students who are not yet certified but already have completed a Master’s Degree in Library [and Information] Science who wish to become LMS. The LMS Program emphasizes the development of knowledge and skills needed to teach information literacy to the K-12 school community, to foster collaborative partnerships with the school's faculty and administration, and to evaluate and select materials that support the needs of the school community.

Type of Program: Face-to-Face, Online, and Blended

Face to Face Location: Queens College, Flushing, NY

Contact: Arlene Laverde

Syracuse University

Program Description from the University: The Syracuse University School Media program is a major specialization within the Library and Information Science (LIS) program and requires that students meet not only the core LIS requirements, but also specified coursework in information literacy, youth services, information technology in schools, literacy and reading support, and management in school libraries. School librarians provide active curriculum support services and library and information skills instruction in elementary and secondary school settings. School librarians serve as intermediaries between the information needs of students, faculty, administration, and community and the information systems and resources required to fulfill those needs. In this capacity, school librarians provide print and non-print media in support of the curriculum; collaborate with classroom teachers by teaching research/information literacy skills in the context of the general curriculum.

Type of Program: Face-to-Face, Online, and Blended

Face to Face Location: Syracuse, NY

Contact: Blythe Allison Bennett, Program Manager, Library and Information Science/School Media

University at Buffalo

Program Description from the University: The Department of Library and Information Studies at University of Buffalo has an approved competency-based program registered by the New York State Education Department and is authorized to recommend students for certification for the Library Media Specialist, K-12 Initial Certificate. All library media specialist courses are offered online.

Type of Program: Online

Contact: Mary Jo SicurellaMS in School Librarianship Coordinator 

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