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NYC School Librarian Guidebook: Card Privileges

A blueprint to the policies, standards, and procedures that enable library personnel to develop, organize, and manage exemplary school library programs.

Educator Cards





 Account Type        Educator


Participating schools will be selected by DOE officials in collaboration with the public libraries.

 Application/ID Requirements

Pilot Educators will receive a pre-activated card through their school; no additional validation required by library staff. 

 Loan Periods

60 days on books, audiobooks & teacher sets; standard loan periods on all other items (e.g. DVDs, CDs, magazines).  Please note borrowing privileges are suspended if an item is two weeks overdue or more.

 Borrowing Limits

100 (10 DVD max, 5 teacher set max). 

 Renewal Limits

2 week on 60 day items.  Can renew 2 times until there is a hold, 10 on all other eligible types of materials; subject to standard renewal restrictions. 

 # of Hold Requests

50 (exceptions include Express, reference & other non-circulating/in-library use items) 

 Checkouts & Returns

Items requested through union catalog will be shipped to school already checked out to Educator; should be returned to school librarian for routing back to NYPL. Circulation privileges are suspended at the point a patron receives a second overdue notice for any item borrowed.  A second notice goes out when an item is a little more than 2 weeks overdue (first notice is sent the day an item is overdue).

 Late Charges

No overdue charges on books or teacher sets; standard overdue charges on other materials (e.g. DVDs, CDs, magazines); excessively delinquent accounts are subject to collection agency activity. 

 Library Notices

E-mailed to Educator when items they are nearing their due date or are overdue. 

 Circulation Blocks

Circulation privileges (the ability to request, borrow or renew items) are suspended when an Educator receives a 2nd overdue notice for any item borrowed or when their account has been submitted to collection.  BPL sends out 4 notices and a bill with the 4th; they don't send Educators to collection.  Items must be returned or fines must be paid before these privileges are restored. 

 Lost/Damaged Items

Educator must submit a written explanation for lost/damaged items to be reviewed by library staff before the restoration 
of borrowing privileges. Upon successful review, mark items Lost; waive associated charges & include a Payment Notedescribing circumstances. 

 Expiration Date

Automatic renewal subject to continued employment at a participating pilot school.  Card must be in good standing to be renewed (no overdue, billed or lost items). 

 Relationship to Personal Card

Separate card; records are not to be merged.  May be "linked" to personal card by local staff as a matter of convenience to Educator. 






Student Cards


                                                                                                                                                         Comparisons of NYP&BPL/QL

Card Type



Participating schools will be selected by DoE officials in collaboration with the public libraries.

ID Requirement

No ID requirement for existing patrons’ cards.

ID requirement for new cards will follow standard procedures. BPL does not require this.

Application Data Requirements

Age level, Name, DOB, Home Address, Phone, Parent’s name, Parent’s E-Mail, Parent’s Home Phone, Parental Signature (required for 12 and under), Access permission (default ptype will be no access to adult materials with a separate ptype for applications requesting access)

Loan Periods

Books: 1-3 weeks

Magazines: 1-3 weeks

DVDs/CDs: 3-7 days

Delivery/ pick-up

Holds can be picked up from and returned to any branch within the service area.

Borrowing Limit

50 items (up to 10 DVDs or CDs combined)

       # of Book Sets


 # of Renewals


 # of Holds

15 (holds exceptions: book/DVD/CD Express titles, video games, periodicals, non-circulating items)

Late Charges

No late charge for all formats (NYPL and BPL).

QL: Late charges with “Read away your fines” policy

Courtesy Alerts & Overdue Notices

3-4 days prior to due date

Overdue notices sent to patron once item is past due date


Additional Circulation Blocks

Circulation privileges suspended after 2nd overdue notice.

Card must be in good standing to be renewed (no overdue, no lost items).

Lost/Replacement Items

Student must submit a written explanation for lost/damaged items to be reviewed by project staff in order to renew circulation privileges.

QL: Lost/replacement items fines with  “Read away your fines” policy

Relationship to Personal Card

Records are merged – pilot card becomes the personal library card

Expiration Date

Does not expire as long as the student is currently enrolled in a pilot school.

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