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NYC School Librarian Guidebook: Early Childhood Resources

A blueprint to the policies, standards, and procedures that enable library personnel to develop, organize, and manage exemplary school library programs.

Early Literacy Essentials

What is Early Literacy?

What children know about communication, language, reading and writing BEFORE they can actually read and write 


Why is Early Literacy Important?


  • A Child learns about HALF of everything they learn in a lifetime by age FIVE
  • 90% of brain development occurs during the early childhood years (0-5 years old)
  • Consider: The typical middle class child enters first grade with 1,000 to 1,700 hours of one-to-one picture book reading; a child from a low income family averages just 25 hours of one-to-one picture book reading

              --Research compiled on the website, The Children's Book Bank,


Best Books for Early Learning

NYC Reads 365 Lists: These lists for grades pre-K through 12th present the best books published since 2013 to excite kids about reading!

Pre-K to Second Grade eBooks from the Office of Library Services!


Picture Book Categories

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