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NYC School Librarian Guidebook: College Readiness

A blueprint to the policies, standards, and procedures that enable library personnel to develop, organize, and manage exemplary school library programs.

College Readiness and Librarians

Librarians enjoy a vital role in student college readiness: inquiry.  


Inquiry requires students to think critically of essential questions to pursue; problem-solve how to locate answers from multiple resources; to analyze and interpret information; and to synthesize different perspectives and contexts to derive new understandings.

The DOE-CUNY Library Collaborative

The DOE-CUNY Library Collaborative designs professional development sessions to partner high schools with local area CUNY colleges.  Our work focuses on creating a community of practice among librarians, teachers and college faculty to revise curricular units to align with college-level expectations and instruction, with particular emphasis on the role of the school and academic librarian in the process.  


If you school is interested in finding out more about our work--and possibly participating in future sessions--please contact Leanne Ellis at

Key Members


Leanne Ellis  Bronx Library Coordinator, DOE

Carl Andrews, Bronx Community College Academic Librarian





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