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NYC School Librarian Guidebook: Library Advocacy Pillar 5: Collaborative Partnerships

A blueprint to the policies, standards, and procedures that enable library personnel to develop, organize, and manage exemplary school library programs.

Collaborative Partnerships Overview

School librarians cultivate strong collaborative partnerships in some of the following ways:

  • Understanding the curricular and instructional goals of colleagues.
    • Highlight exemplary resources from library collection (on website, displays, staff meetings, PDs, etc.)
  • Support colleagues in meeting curricular and instructional goals.
    • Promote specialized resources 
      • (Program for students with visual impairments to download books and hear audio)
      • NOVEL articles and eBooks (text-to-speech options, translations, change font size, etc.)
      • Multimedia (videos, Playaways, animation, etc.)
    • Share subject-specific resources
      • Order MyLibraryNYC Teacher Sets
      • Showcase digital resources (databases, eBooks, websites, apps, etc.) on your library website 
      • Offer consistent PD using your library website
    • Present and Attend Conferences
  • Co-plan and deliver instruction.
    • Share student work on bulletin board and in other areas.
    • Teach information literacy skills using ESIFC Assessments
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