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Cooperative Collection Development -- CCD: American Presidency

• The School Library System (SLS) Cooperative Collection Development Plan is developed as part of the resource sharing component of the plan of service.

This collection

Seal of the President of the United StatesThe American Presidency is a topic that is prevalent throughout the seventh and eighth grade curriculum.  The materials in this collection allow students access to foundational US documents and immerse them in academic vocabulary.  In addition, it is a topic that every student should be knowledgeable about as a citizen of the United States. This collection aligns with the Common Core Learning Standards because it offers a range of complex informational texts and primary source documents on many topics including, biographies of Presidents and First Ladies, the electoral college, presidential speeches, Watergate, the US Constitution and many more.

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Curator info

Christine Poser, Librarian

IS 24 Myra S. Barnes

225 Cleveland Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10308

(718) 982-3700

If you are a librarian in a New York City school library, you may contact the curator to inquire about borrowing titles from this collection.

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