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NYC School Librarian Guidebook: ESIFC Aligned Sample Lessons

A blueprint to the policies, standards, and procedures that enable library personnel to develop, organize, and manage exemplary school library programs.

ESIFC Aligned Sample Lessons

This guide is to be used as a tool for librarians to create their own lessons in collaboration with content-area teachers.  The lessons provided are to serve as examples; however, rarely should they be used to teach skills in isolation and should be differentiated to meet the instructional needs of students.


ESIFC Aligned Sample Lessons

This lesson sample was created specifically for students in District 75 schools.  The lesson targets the following populations (as indicated in each lesson):  12:1:1, 8:1:1, 6:1:1, 12:1:4.  The age range of students for most of these lessons is 14 to 21 years old, however, because of the cognitive abilities of the students, most IFC Assessments used (and modified) are in the elementary grade range.  Please note:  these students are assessed in alternate ways.

Assessment:  9.4 Organizing Information
Rather than providing a graphic organizer for the students to use to organize their information, 9.4 expects each student to be able to design one for themselves.  In order to be able to do this, the students will first have to determine what kind of organizational structure lends itself best to conveying what they have discovered about the relationships among ideas and general patterns they have observed in the information they have gathered.  See below for a possible example and a rubric you can use to assess the effectiveness of the graphic organizers created by students.

Please Note:  One of the greatest advantages of the ESIFC Assessments is that they can be used across grade levels - sometimes with modification, sometimes just as they are.  This "reaching down" for ESIFC Assessments to teach our students skills they have not yet mastered is not only appropriate, but also strongly encouraged.

Below you will find two lessons created by P. Sarles for use with a Grade 12 class:  

  • ESIFC Assessment 4.5
  • ESIFC Assessment 7.4
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