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NYCDOE Department of Literacy, AIS, & Library Services: Librarian Openings for 2019-2020

News and Notes

If you missed the first cohort of the Novice Librarian Institute, do not fret! We are in the process of organizing Cohort II. Stay tuned for dates and registration information. 

Library Services will be hosting a Newly Assigned Cohort for new school librarians entering the profession, newly hired school librarians serving in public or non-public schools, and school librarians with less than 3 years experience. Registration is available at   

Elementary Schools


New Explorations into Science Math and Technology (01M539)

K-12 School but focus on elementary.  The school is changing the space over the summer to split the library into a dedicated classroom and a classroom-sized library

Listed on Open Market.  

Principal: Mark Berkowitz, 


P.S. 219 Kennedy-King

1060 Clarkson Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11212

Principal: Winsome Smith


P.S. 30 Hernandez/Hughes (05M030)

Listed on Open Market.  

Principal: Leonna Austin, 


P.S. 375 Mosaic Prep (04M375)

Listed on Open Market.  

Principal: Lisette Caesar, 

PS/IS 137K

Principal Suzette Rose- Baptiste of PS/IS 137 in D23 is seeking a dynamic NYSED certified school librarian. The school is located at 121 Saratoga Avenue in North Brooklyn. Interested candidates please send a current resume and cover letter to Principal Rose at The collection is automated, but will need to be weeded, inventoried, and updated. Library Services can assist. 


P.S. 123 Mahalia Jackson (05M123)

Listed on Open Market.  

Principal: Melitina Hernandez, 



Send cover letter and resume to 


P.S. 155 William Paca (04M155)

Listed on Open Market.  

Principal: Marcia Sulit, 


P.S. 287 Bailey K. Ashford (13K287)

Listed on Open Market.  

Send resumes to AP Everbell Bishop:


PS 163Q

PS 163Q in District 25 is seeking a NYSED Certified School Librarian. Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to Principal Francine Marsaggi at The library’s collection is automated on Destiny.

NON DOE Schools

Children's Librarian - Bank Street College of Education

Secondary Schools

PS/IS 78 (30Q078)

Principal: Louis Pavone, 


J.H.S. 127 Castle Hill (11X127) 

Listed on Open Market

Principal: Harry Sherman,


Curtis High School (31R450) - Staten Island 

Listed on Open Market

Principal: Gregory Jaenicke,


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