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IFC original and writable Assessments: Grade K

This guide includes IFC Assessments in PDF format that you can download, type into and save. You must use these files in Adobe Reader 8 or higher.

K.1 - Connects ideas to own interests

Assessment:  K.1 Connecting Ideas to Own Interests - Pictures and Words

Lesson created by: B. Shufelt

Student work provided by:

K.2 - Understands the basic organizational structure of books

Assessment:  K.2 Sequence of Events

Lesson and model created by:

Student work provided by: 

K.3 - Distinguishes between fiction and nonfiction resources

Assessment:  K.3 Fiction and Nonfiction Books

Assessment Modified by:  L. Planzos

Lesson and created by:  L. Planzos

Student work provided by:

K.4 - Demonstrates simple organizational skills such as sorting and categorizing

Assessment:  K.4 Sorting Books

Lesson and model created by: 

Student work provided by: 

K.5 - Presents facts and simple answers to questions

Assessment: K.5 Answering Questions with Facts

Lesson and model created by: O. Nesi

Student work provided by:  T. Goldman 

K.6 - Identifies own strengths and sets goals for improvement

Assessment:  K.6 Knowing and Learning in the Library

Lesson and model created by:

Student work provided by:

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