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Cooperative Collection Development -- CCD: Social Emotional Learning

• The School Library System (SLS) Cooperative Collection Development Plan is developed as part of the resource sharing component of the plan of service.







The Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

or Hearts & Minds Collection at 

Magen David Yeshivah is used

by students, teachers, and parents.   

The collection was created by librarians --

Margaret Tice and Julie Goldschmied -- 

and by Rose Lee Pifko

Magen David Yeshivah's 

Director of Guidance/School Psychologist.



My Collection

Casel Sociat Emotional Learning Circle

Curious to know what Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is all about? 

Looking for ways to improve the culture at your school in order to provide a safe, supportive, and engaging learning environment where students can thrive? 

Searching for the right book to help an anxious student or to support empathy in the classroom? 

The CCD Social Emotional Learning Collection is for students in grades K-8, educators and parents.  Included are resources for educators on developing an SEL curriculum, books about getting along, feelings, emotions, aggression, empathy, mindfulness, self-awareness, relationships, good decision making, and bullying.  Parents and teachers can also find resources here to help guide those important discussions about SEL issues with children.  Students can find great reading materials on the SEL topics that are most important.


Highlights from the collection

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