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Teacher Sets: Student Card Details

This guide is designed to give you an overview of MyLibraryNYC in terms of features, training, communication and support.



Directions for student cards

Students will still need to activate their card in order to borrow materials and have their fines cleared.  They can apply at the local branch with the application on the left..  Public librarians can deliver applications for students to fill out at home or in-person (if over 13), and arrange class visits to the branch to receive their cards.

NYPL: 12 and under needs to bring an application form to their local branch with a parent or guardian signature; students 13 and up need to give their local branch librarian information to create a full record.

BPL: All students must submit an online application; those 12 and under need parental or guardian permission, which can be granted online.

Queens: All students need to bring an application to their school librarian. One of the Outreach Librarians will pick up the applications, have them processed and return them to the schools.


Note: For BPL, they can complete the form online at:

Note: For Queens students 12 and under, they must return the application form to their school librarian.

Note: For NYPL students 12 and under, they must return the application to their nearest branch with a parent or guardian's signature.


Is it worth the time to encourage graduating seniors to get library cards?


Yes, because we will notify the public libraries about which students graduate and are discharged from the DOE so they can change their student patron card type back to a regular patron type.  Remember: 75% of CUNY freshman attended a NYC public high school so many graduating seniors continue their education in NYC.

Will the parental notification forms be available in other languages?


Yes.  They will be translated into the 8 official DOE languages and you will be able to download them from the LibGuide when they are available.


What happens if a student goes to school in Manhattan but lives in Brooklyn or Queens?


Students and teachers can register their cards at local branches of all three public library systems in order to access the databases and checkout eBooks for all three systems.


Who do I contact if students have trouble with their public library account?

Please contact the local branch librarian or your MyLibraryNYC rep and have him or her look up the students’ account in their ILS system to determine what the issue is.  

Also, encourage the student and/or parent to contact




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